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Sexual wellness brand Vush makes a range of vibrators & intimate care products, that are inclusive, empowering, high quality, fun to use, and aesthetically beautiful. Vush enlisted the help of The Influencers Agency to build awareness and generate traffic to the site (and thus conversions) through authentic user-generated content.

15x female Influencers were selected with a goal to encourage women to own self-empowerment and self-love. The Influencers Agency sourced micro & macro influencers within Australia, UK & the US with a high female following on Instagram. The influencers were selected based on their unique tone of voice and connection with their audience, along with their high proportion of female followers. Across the campaign, 62 pieces of unique content (14 posts, 48 stories) reaching a cumulative figure of 346,485 people.

Selected influencers challenged the conversation around sexual wellness, celebrating & normalising self pleasure, and the importance of prioritising sexual wellness for all women.

To raise overall awareness of the Vush products

break down the stigma surrounding conversations of sexual wellness and pleasure

Highlight that the Vush vibrators not only feel good but they look great too!


- Build brand awareness and strengthen brand image through authentic user-generated content

- Increase traffic to website and further drive conversions

- Inform the target market about the various Vush products that are available on the website through informative, authentic content.


- Channel: Instagram

- Influencers: 15 Influencers were booked for this campaign

- Micro vs Macro: 7 Macro Influencers and 8 Micro-Influencers 


- 1x feed post + 1x story set (min. 3 frames)

- 1x reel (shared to main IG feed) + 1x story set (min 3 frames)

- 1x Story set (min 5x frames)


 - Total Likes: 30,025

 - Total Reach: 346,485

 - Total Engagement: 35,525

 - Content created: 171 pieces of unique content (15 posts, 51 stories and 105 additional images/videos)

Some of the content created:

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