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Need groceries fast? Voly have got you - this app will get groceries to your doorstep in 15 minutes or less! Voly provides fresh produce, ready-made meals, pantry staples, alcohol, and pet essentials - the ultimate in convenience!

Already creating noise in the grocery delivery service scene, Voly opted to level up its digital presence through influencer marketing. The Influencers Agency worked with Voly to strategically source influencers in key geographic locations and targeted demographics, to drive awareness & adoption in key markets.

The influencers showcased authentic and real-life situations where they found convenience in ordering their must-haves through the app. The content did not only show how the app works but it emphasized the speed and efficiency of the Voly delivery team. Voly also included a 10% discount code for the influencers to share with their following to attract new users of the app and drive their first purchase. 

Each piece of content was designed to spark curiosity and drive attention to a new way of sourcing groceries, and highlight Voly as the provider to use. All content included a clear call to use the exclusive 10% off discount code to increase purchasing intent, and also provide visibility to the brand on conversions driven by each influencer.


- Build brand awareness through authentic user-generated content

- Drive downloads of the VOLY app

- Drive initial purchase through a unique trackable VOLY discount code per influencer


- Channel: Instagram

- Influencers: 26 Australian Influencers were booked for this campaign

- Micro vs Macro: 21x Micro-influencers, 5x Macro-influencers


- Instagram Reel or Static Post + Story Series with swipe up link


 - Total Likes: 4,611

 - Total Reach: 52,610

 - Total Engagement: 5,249

 - Content created:  151 pieces of unique content ( 17 posts, 83 stories, and 51 additional images/videos)

Some of the content created:

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