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Hello Cup is a New Zealand menstrual cup company who are helping educate the market on menstrual cups being a sustainable choice for the future. As an added differentiator, Hello Cup is the only menstrual cup brand to have the products designed by a Registered Nurse. The Hello Cup Campaign used the New Year to trigger people to buy a Hello Cup and make the sustainable switch for 2021. 


#theHelloCup Campaign

To drive brand and product awareness in the Australian market, The Hello Cup Campaign had influencers showcase the Hello Cup striking bright packaging in the content and talk about why they made the choice to switch to a menstrual cup. Understanding that the decision to switch requires more information than some online purchases, the brand used influencers to clearly convey answers to common questions about using a menstrual cup.


- Introduce the Australian market to the reasons as to why they should switch to a menstrual cup (specifically Hello Cup); 

- Generate awareness of the products in the Australian market; and 

- Drive Sales by using ‘New Year Resolutions’ as the catalyst for switching to a menstrual cup.



- Channel: Instagram 

- Influencers: 10 Australian Influencers booked across lifestyle and health categories. 

- Micro vs Macro: 9 micro influencers were booked and 1 macro influencers were booked.

- Influencers represented a diverse range of women with different backgrounds, ethnicities and personal styles to truly showcase

   that Hello Cup is for all women.

- Content: 1 x in-feed post (or 1 x IGTV under 1 min) and 3 x instagram story frames per influencer with a swipe up link to the

   product pages.



- Captions all featured #thehellocup and #bloodybrilliant #ad @thehellocup.

- The captions were individually crafted detailing the influencer’s sustainability journey and why they specifically chose

   the Hello Cup.

- All the influencers included a swipe up link to the products in their stories. 

- All the influencers denoted the sponsored nature of the post with the hashtag #ad and ensured all posts had the

   “Paid Partnership with @thehellocup” feature displayed. 

- Hello Cup used their official instagram account (22.3k followers) to organically reshare and repost some of the content,

   further driving social proof.



- Total Impressions: 57,484

- Total Likes: 9,878

- Total Comments: 771

- Total Engagement: 26,892

- Total Instagram followers targeted: 711,100



- The #theHelloCup campaign is rooted in purpose and a promise to impact the world with its sustainability message. 

- The campaign resonated deeply with the Millennial and Gen Z audience, especially since the influencers chosen had a high

   audience skew consisting of these two key groups. 

- The influencer’s campaign all mentioned how switching to a menstrual cup is better for the environment, allowing for

   Hello Cup to leverage influencer marketing to disrupt a crowded online space.

- All the influencers chosen had similar values to the brand (sustainability and female focused). This allowed for the brand

   messaging to appear more relevant and genuine. 

- This campaign allowed for the Australian market to become familiar with Hello Cup and drove sales successfully.

Some of the content created:

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