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The Influencers Agency was engaged by The Beauty Chef to help execute their latest influencer campaign, #thegloweffect.

The Beauty Chef is the pioneer of the inner beauty category, with a vast range of bio-fermented, probiotic-rich whole food supplements and organic topical skincare products, however, this campaign was strategically designed to highlight one hero product in particular, their iconic GLOW powder.

In a highly competitive and saturated space, the influencers selected needed to cut through with great content and highly engaged audiences.

The influencers presented for the campaign were all selected not only for the suitability of their audience (High female audience, over 70% Australian following, over 1.5% engagement rate) but also as they were trusted opinion leaders in other areas of their life - from a finance expert, to a professional sports person. By aligning with these trusted voices, this increased the positive brand halo around the GLOW product. We secured leading Olympian Emily Seebohm for this campaign, who was extremely topical coming off the back of a very successful Olympic triumph just 3 weeks prior.

The content created by each influencer was unique to their daily GLOW routine, the influencers authentically demonstrated how they enjoy their teaspoon of GLOW whilst talking to the key ingredients of the product.

The content produced was designed to empower their dedicated following to think differently about beauty by illustrating the importance of gut health, not only for glowing skin but for immunity, energy, overall health, and overall wellbeing. By showcasing their use of the GLOW product in their daily routine, they highlighted how easy it was to improve gut health and see results without a complicated time or financial investment.

Each influencer was also provided with a unique discount code for their audience, which allowed the brand to track conversions and also drive immediacy of action to purchase of consumers.


- Generate product awareness through engaging content.
- Highlight the key ingredients and science behind the product.
- Drive traffic to the website and encourage consumers to shop using the campaign discount codes.


- Channel: Instagram

- Influencers: 5 Australian influencers were booked in the lifestyle category

- Micro vs Macro: 2 Micro influencers, 3 Macro influencers


- Highlighting the ingredients and quality of the GLOW product to differentiate The Beauty Chef to competitors in market
- Showcasing the use of the product and talking to their daily routine made the product relatable and easy to use
- Aligning with thought leaders positioned The Beauty Chef brand as a trusted market leader.


- 1 x in feed post (still photo or IG Video under 1min)

-  3x Instagram stories (with a swipe up link for those with over 10k followers)


- Total Likes: 2,960

- Total Reach: 61,428

- Total Engagement: 3,073

- Total Instagram followers targeted: 237,600

- Content created: 63 pieces of unique content ( 5 posts & 15 stories & 43 additional images/videos)

Some of the content created:

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