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Panasonic Beauty collaborated with The Influencers Agency to put the brand in the spotlight of key opinion leaders to cement and generate a new wave of social proof and brand awareness around the beauty category and dryer for Panasonic.

13x paid influencers were chosen to bring to life this campaign. The content focused on the Panasonic Hair Dryer and how it transforms your hair into a more salon-style blow-dry look. Across the campaign 137 pieces of unique content was created with a cumulative reach of 80,704.

The brief was to target core influencers within the beauty industry who would have a high female audience and AU following ( a core consumer for Panasonic Beauty ). Reel content was crafted to authentically demonstrate and inform consumers of the benefits, functions and results the dryer provides.

The call to action throughout the campaign was streamlined for success, with an easy swipe-up to shop link and discount code to incentivise consumers, encouraging a new wave of website & social traffic which is fantastic for the internal marketing team to run their retargeting ads via.


- To build strong brand visibility online (Instagram and/or Tiktok) 

- To build brand awareness and strengthen Panasonic hair care products brand image through authentic user-generated content

- To showcase the Panasonic hair care brand [Panasonic hair dryer] as a staple for hairstyling


- Channel: Instagram

- Influencers: 13x Influencers were booked for this campaign

- Micro vs Macro: 3x Macro Influencers and 10x Micro-Influencers


- 1 x IG Reel + Story Series (3x frames) + swipe-up link



- Total Reach: 80,704

- Story Impressions: 95,801

- Content created: 137  pieces of unique content (13 posts,  54 stories and 70 additional images/videos)


Some of the content created:

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