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After a challenging 2 years due to COVID shutdowns and canceled shows, Opera Australia were looking to relaunch back into the market and drive interest and ticket sales for upcoming events.  The Influencers Agency was engaged to create a strategic ongoing relationship with key opinion leaders across the media landscape to become ambassadors for the Opera.

The Influencers Agency organised a comprehensive ambassador programme that included attending opening nights and red carpet evenings, private dinners, and ‘behind the scenes’ access that the influencers could showcase to their audience.

The ambassadors include local entrepreneurs, media personalities, and celebrities.
The influencers agency then provided additional support to Opera Australia to provide additional influencers to attend key events on the calendar including Phantom of the Opera, La Traviata, and across Sydney and Melbourne.
Through their established relationships with key influencers, The Influencers Agency secured attendance and in-feed posting at no cost.

The selected influencers & ambassadors highlighted a cross-section of demographics to ensure the Opera was positioned as inclusive, not unattainable, whilst still being presented as a premium offering.

Selected attendees promoted the various events across their social channels, showcasing to their dedicated followers the very best of style and glamour on the night and of course the talented performers. This generated a wave of awareness about Opera Australia to a new audience and encouraged their followers to “swipe-up” and “browse” upcoming shows.


- Create a stable of ongoing Ambassadors for Opera Australia

- Bring a new audience to Opera Australia through influencer marketing & engaging social content

- Generate awareness of upcoming Opera Australia shows as an unique night out in Sydney


- Channel: Instagram


- Total Likes: 14,000

- Total Comments: 1,500

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