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To launch Next Hotel in Melbourne as the ‘go to’ for Sydneysiders traveling for work or play, The Influencers Agency was engaged to fill the hotel with top NSW influencers to create awareness and engaging UGC.

12x Influencers were strategically selected and vetted to ensure their audience suitability was aligned to our key target audience for the campaign (high Australian audience, specific age demographics, high engagement rate and affinity with the brand & shared values). The selected influencers ensured the brand covered all categories from  food & wine lovers, well known TV celebs, and go-getter entrepreneurs enjoying the convenience of the club lounge and CBD location of Next Hotel.

The user generated content was well-received by their dedicated following - thus attracting the target market and creating a new wave of consumers by cementing The Next Melbourne Hotel as the go-to place to drive in to stay and play.


The campaign was designed to localize brand awareness, cement social proof and entice local Sydney siders to book a weekend getaway via Next Hotel Melbourne.


- To build brand awareness of Next Hotel to Sydney siders & generate bookings from the Sydney Market

- To position Next Hotel Melbourne as the go-to hotel to stay at when visiting Melbourne


- Channel: Instagram

- Influencers: 3x paid Influencers and 8x contra influencers

- Micro vs Macro: 8 Micro Influencers and 4 Macro Influencers


- 1x Instagram Post or Reel

- 1x Instagram Story Series (min 3-5x 15 second slides)


- Total Likes: 15,997

- Total Reach: 13,253

- Total Engagement: 16,665

- Content created: 58 pieces of unique content (12x posts, 25x stories and 30 additional images/videos)

Some of the content created:

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