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LUMA Beauty is an Australian founded, owned and made beauty and skincare brand founded by model and businesswoman Jess Hart. LUMA Beauty’s focus for this campaign was on highlighting to consumers that LUMA Beauty is not high effort: lots of their products are multi-taskers and super easy to use. Also, LUMA Beauty is cruelty-free, not tested on animals and uses no parabens or sulphates. 

#LUMAbeauty Campaign

This campaign had influencers wearing the LUMA makeup products then creating content of themselves wearing the product while showcasing the LUMA products they used in hand or visible in the shot.  



- Incase sales via direct website (not in store).

- Increase awareness of the brand in the Australian market.

- Increase awareness of the of the quality and affordability of LUMA products and that the brand cruelty-free.



- Channel: Instagram 

- Influencers: 10 Australian Influencers booked across beauty, lifestyle, fashion and health categories. 

- Micro vs Macro: 7 micro influencers were booked and 3 macro influencers were booked.

- Content: 1 x in-feed post (or 1 x IGTV under 1 min) and 3 x instagram story frames per influencer with a swipe up link to the

   product pages.



- Captions all featured #lumabeauty #luma #makeup #skin #australianbeauty #bronzed #naturalmakeup @Lumabeauty.

- The captions were beauty focused and mainly described how the influencer did their makeup easily using LUMA products and

   what they liked best about the products (ease of use, colour, multi purpose etc).

- The influencers also noted that LUMA Beauty is cruelty-free, not tested on animals and uses no parabens or sulphates. 

- Most of the influencers mentioned how natural the glow was from the LUMA highlighters, which was an organic comment

   from the influencers using the products, driving further authenticity to their posts. 

- All the influencers included a swipe up link to the products in their stories. 

- LUMA used their official instagram account (31.2k followers) to organically reshare and repost some of the content to drive

   social proof.



- Total Impressions: 30,734

- Total Likes: 13,927

- Total Comments: 860

- Total Engagement: 96,451

- Total Instagram followers targeted: 717,100



- The #LUMAbeauty campaign boasted a high overall engagement, especially since the selected influencers all had a high female    Australian based audience. 

- In a saturated digital environment, brands can find it quite difficult to cut through the noise and the distinguishing factor about

   this campaign was how influencer marketing was coupled with cause marketing.

- The focus on cruelty free and no parabens/sulphates products allowed for the LUMA beauty campaign to have a differentiating    aspect. This type of marketing resonates most with Millennials and Gen Z consumers, who resonate with social causes and find    influencers more trustworthy than celebrities or other branded content. 

- The striking beauty content played well to the strengths of the instagram platform and gave the brand high quality content to


- This campaign allowed LUMA to connect to a primarily female audience to generate relatability and cemented LUMA products

   as easy to use and affordable.


Some of the content created:

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