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Jane Iredale specialises in high performance, clean and cruelty free makeup & beauty products, and to help them launch their new Lip Stain, wanted to seed their product out to a large range of nano and micro influencers. The Influencers Agency can run contra gifting campaigns, and executed this for Jane Iredale.

On a contra gifting only campaign, we:

- Find influencers who are interested in a contra only gifting partnership;

- Book and brief the selected influencers to be gifted;

- Collecting their postal addresses;

- Providing them product details and campaign briefing; and 

- At the end, we collate post campaign insights for the client.


#JaneIredaleAustraliaContra Campaign

Influencers were gifted the Jane Iredale New Beyond Matte Lip Fixation Lip Stain in exchange for an authentic review on their social channels. The influencers were asked to trial and share with their audiences what they thought of the new lip stains and the looks they created. 



The goal of this campaign was to:

key messages to be shared were that this New Beyond Matte Lip Fixation Lip Stain:

- Create great user generated content of the new products

- Create a buzz on social media about Jane Iredale

- Convey to the influencers and their audiences the key benefits of the new products (long lasting, vegan, cruelty free) 



- Channel: Instagram 

- Influencers: 87 Australian Influencers booked across x categories. 

- Micro vs Macro: x micro influencers were booked and x macro influencers were booked.

- Content: Influencers were requested to do an in-feed post or stories tagging the brand.


- The captions were highly personal and showcased a variety of diverse women who loved using the Jane Iredale Lip Stain. 

- Many of the influencers included a swipe up link to the products in their stories which helped drive additional traffic

   to the website

- Jane Iredale Australia used their official instagram account (21.9k followers) to organically reshare the UGC

- Jane Iredale collected a large number of reviews and feedback from the influencers in an authentic way



- Total Impressions: 22,000

- Total Likes: 14,823

- Total Comments: 2,295

- Total Engagement: 17,118

- Total Instagram followers targeted: 995,000



- Through gifting the influencers with the product Jane Iredale quickly built product awareness of the new items in the range.

- The #JaneIredaleAustralia campaign increased brand recognition for Jane Iredale and firmly established brand affinity.

- The contra campaign also allowed Jane Iredale to save on talent costs. However, since it was a contra campaign, there was no    creative control over the content produced nor on the copy provided for the influencer’s captions. On a paid campaign,

   the brand will be able to have final say on the caption/creative. 

- The greatest benefit to a contra campaign is that it is up to the influencer to authentically share the gift in a way that best

   resonates with their audience. This allows for the influencer to showcase their creativity and brands will gain UGC

   (User Generated Content) to organically share on their channels. 

- This campaign resulted in an extremely varied selection of UGC for the client. Some influencers chose to focus on beautiful

   flatlays, some influencers best showcased their beauty looks with professional portraits and some chose to share intimate    personalised content from their homes to show that Jane Iredale was their every-day choice. 

- This campaign had high engagement rates and resulted in successfully increasing sales for the Iredale New Beyond Matte Lip

   Fixation Lip Stain product.


Some of the content created:

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