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Herbal Essences #DanceWithYourPlants Campaign 

We recently ran a wonderfully creative yet equally successful campaign for Herbal Essences, they are a key advocate of ‘Plant Power in Every Shower’, Herbal Essences believes in showing our appreciation for nature – hence the campaign concept #DanceWithYourPlants which celebrates plants and everything they give to us.

Through the power of dance, we’re encouraging everyone to take some time to say thank you to their plant babies (dancing with and gently shaking them actually improves their vitality!). This campaign was intended to be light-hearted and creative, while showcasing the amazing bio:renew collection to those who are interested in natural, botanical ingredients.

Now let’s turn the music on and have some fun!


Drive engagement & create excitement and talk-ability around the Herbal Essences bio:renew collection. 
Create consumer awareness around the wonderful ingredients in Herbal Essences product range.
Drive traffic to click through, user friendly website links and generate ROI 



- Channel: Instagram
- Influencers: 11 Australian influencers were booked in the beauty, fashion & lifestyle & mummy parenting category
- Micro vs Macro: 8 micro influencers, 3 macro influencers


1 x IG Reel (#DanceWithYourPlants)
1 X IG static post
1 x Instagram stories (min 3 frames) with a swipe up link



- Captions all featured #ThankYouPlants #DanceWithYourPlants #Ad @herbalessencesanz
- The content produced by the influencers were diverse, genuine and engaging.
- Herbal Essences used their official instagram account to organically re-share and repost some of the content to drive social proof.



- Total Likes: 6,797
- Total Reach: 69,143
- Total Engagement: 7,370
- Total Instagram followers targeted: 367,900
- Content created:  107 pieces of unique content ( 14 posts, & 33 stories )


With so many campaigns flooding our social media especially within the beauty space, it’s so important to keep it fun, lighthearted & engaging in order to  attract genuine consumer interest and be able to get your brand message across. The #DanceWithYourPlants campaign did exactly that, the content created all shared the same theme & key message however each influencer had creative control over how they would film their video & or shoot their in-feed content. This made for a super engaging, successful campaign, we had a blast bringing this to life!

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