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Australian-owned and operated, Cashrewards is Australia’s largest and most trusted cashback shopping community with over 800,000 members. To further grow their customer base, and educate customers on how the cashback programme works, the brand engaged The Influencers to execute an influencer campaign.


#CashRewardsAU Campaign

This campaign had influencers:

- Showcase their experience of the websites on their laptop, desktop or mobile and talking about their experience through their    content; or

- Provide content that could visualise online deals or packages, wearing a purchase, or showcasing an item from one of the 1500    brands available.



- Authentically drive a target group of Australian mums to to encourage sign-up to the programme/become    members.

- Highlight how easy it is to shop favourite brands and make savings.

- Spotlight the variety of deals available and showcase offers that genuinely resonate with the individual influencer.



- Channel: Instagram 

- Influencers: 25 Australian Influencers booked across family, “mummy blogger”, food (specifically grocery) and lifestyle


- Micro vs Macro: 24 micro influencers were booked and 1 macro influencers were booked.

- Content:1 x in-feed post (or 1 x IGTV under 1 min) and 3 x instagram story frames per influencer with a swipe up link to the

   product pages.



- Captions all featured #cashrewardsau #ad @cashrewardsau.

- The captions were highly personal in nature and showcased the variety of ways each individual influencer shopped online.

   Each influencer also narrowed down their locale (i.e. Sydney) to make it even more relatable and personal. 

- Another point that resonated in the post campaign brand sentiment analysis was that Cash Rewards is an Australian owned


- All the influencers included a swipe up link to the Cash Rewards website in their stories of the specific offer they had shopped,    making it easy for their followers to participate in the same cashback opportunity.

- Cashrewards Australia used their official instagram account (10.4k followers) to organically reshare and repost some of the




- Total Impressions: 12,450

- Total Likes: 9,390

- Total Comments: 1,410

- Total Engagement: 20,460

- Total Instagram followers targeted: 1,129,400



- The #CashRewardsAU campaign amplified the program’s messaging and empowered consumers with the resources they needed

   to receive cashbacks during their shopping and also to enjoy the sign on bonus. 

- All the influencers chosen visually showcased their shopping experience in highly personalised spaces (i.e. their bedrooms) to    increase familiarity and authenticity. 

- All the captions were relatively long (over 200 words) especially considering the campaign was executed on instagram and    highlighted how invested each influencer was in the Cashrewards program. The overall messaging was that the influencers

   intimately trusted the program.

- Also, through only mainly using micro & mid tier influencers (mostly those around the 20-50k follower mark), Cashrewards was

   able to generate high engagement at a lower cost among niche communities. While macro-influencers reach more consumers

   overall, micro & mid tier influencers are very successful at cultivating loyal and engaged audiences.

- This campaign allowed Cashrewards to authentically drive a lot of mums in Australia to encourage sign-up

   to the programme/become members.


Some of the content created:

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