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Did it feel like everyone was in Europe this year apart from you? Well AOV Eyewear thought this was a perfect time to get people dreaming of their new summer eyewear and kick off their influencer campaign.

We created a creator campaign designed to showcase their range of styles, create social proof and drive awareness that their sustainable eyewear is made here in Australia. All whilst partnering with a diverse range of influencers across a broad social sphere, with limited audience overlaps, to guarantee the broadest reach and highest ROI.

8 x local influencers were hand selected and vetted based on their suitability on the campaign (focused on targeted Australian audience and high % female audience as the key shopper for this brand), alongside having a strong emphasis on style and functionality. Across the campaign 142 pieces of unique content were created reaching an accumulative 60,000 thousand consumers.

The influencers created informative user generated content which highlighted the key functions of the AOV frames alongside highlighting the styles and use cases. From the great outdoors to indoors, from lunch events to the beach the AOV frames are made for all occasions and Australian (or European!) weather!


The campaign goal was to raise overall awareness of the AOV brand and their range of functional eyewear, positioning the brand as stylish, and aligned with well known influencers. Alongside style, there was a strong emphasis on quality, sustainability and key functionality of the frames such as 100% UV protection, comfort and durability of the materials used to create the glasses.


- Build product and brand awareness through user generated content.

- Drive traffic and increase sales throughout the campaign.

- Inform the target market of the AOV Eyewear USP’s


- Channel: Instagram

- Influencers: 8x influencers were booked in the fashion, lifestyle and travel category, with a high Australian and Female Audience and Engagement %.

- Micro vs Macro: 6 Micro Influencers & 2 Macro Influencers


- 1x Sponsored Instagram Post or Reel
- 1x Sponsored Instagram Story Series (min 3x 15 sec slides in total)



- Total Reach: 49,566

- Total Engagement: 254,000

- Content created: 142 pieces of unique content (7x posts, 30x stories and 105x additional images/videos)

Some of the content created:

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