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Airtasker is Australia’s largest community marketplace for tasks. From painting your nails, to painting your house, Airtasker has the people with the skills you need to get anything done.


#Airtasker Campaign

Airtasker’s goal was to work with influencers to ensure their target audience was aware that Airtasker is not just for cleaning & gardening. They wanted to amplify the message that there are people on Airtasker with the skills you need to get anything done, from wardrobe organisers to make up artists, surf instructors, date night planners and wedding planners.



- Drive consideration for Airtasker by showcasing the breadth of opportunity that is available - we’re not just for painting, cleaning, gardening, house removals.

- Drive traffic to site and user signups with the use of coupon codes bespoke to each influencer


- Channel: Instagram

- Influencers: 7 Australian Influencers booked across beauty, lifestyle, fashion, arts and crafts and health categories.

- Micro vs Macro: 7 high tier micro influencers were booked.

- Content: 1 x in-feed post (or 1 x IGTV under 1 min) and 3 x instagram story frames per influencer with a UTM link to Airtasker’s website. One story slide showed the job when they posted it on airtasker, one story slide showed the task getting done and then one story slide showed the ‘after’ (if applicable to the task).



- Captions all featured #airtasker #getmoredone @airtasker.

- The content provided was diverse especially since the tasks each influencer chose to get done were very varied. It ranged from getting drag makeup done to getting one’s bike fixed to getting professional studio photographs taken.

- The influencers also noted that they had no idea before they booked on Airtasker that they could get such great taskers to come do such a specific genre of jobs for them.

- All the influencers shared their unique discount code for “$20 off your next task over $25 AUD”.

- All the influencers included a UTM link to Airtasker in their stories.

- Airtasker used their official instagram account (5k followers) to organically reshare and repost some of the content to drive

  social proof.



- Total Impressions: 48, 728

- Total Likes: 8,129

- Total Comments: 408

- Total Engagement: 8, 537

- Total Instagram followers targeted: 313,400

- Content created: 106 pieces of unique content (8 posts, 24 stories and 74 additional images)



- The #Airtasker campaign boasted a high overall engagement, especially since the selected influencers selected tasks that spoke authentically to their audience and their persona.

- By showcasing such a diverse range of tasks, it really highlighted to the influencer’s audience that Airtasker is not just for painting, cleaning, gardening or house removals. It’s for everything under the sun!

- Through using only 7 micro influencers (all with followings around the 40-80k mark) with high engagement rates, Airtasker was able to reach a broad range of extremely engaged, niche audiences located in Australia.

- Each influencer selected was able to create very high quality UGC (User Generated Content) which gave Airtasker over 106 pieces of unique content to use in their retargeting campaigns.

- This campaign allowed Airtasker to drive traffic to site and user sign ups with the use of coupon codes bespoke to each influencer.


Some of the content created:


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