How Influencers Fit Into Your Social Media Strategy

April 27, 2021

If you’re wondering how influencer marketing can fit into your marketing strategy, look no further. Influencer marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing e have put together a few ways that you can incorporate influencers into your social media strategy.

To bring an authentic and trustworthy face to your brand

People need to trust a brand, what a better way to do it than to work with influencers who have a look, feel and tone consistent with your brand. This can help to facilitate meaningful connections between both the influencer's audience and your brands.

To grow your following

Finding influencers with the same values as your brand is the first step to successful Influencer Marketing. These influencers have built their following based on their personal branding and values, making them a perfect fit if their values align with yours.

Building relationships with influencers is also an important step when working with them, engaging with their content through likes and comments is a great way to help their followers build trust in your brand. This can also help you develop more targeted leads.

To gain traction on your campaign

Incorporate influencers into your upcoming campaigns. Once you have found an influencer who aligns with your brand, incorporating them into your campaigns is a great way to influence their audience to become yours. Making the most of exclusive offers or having working links that take them directly through to your website or online store is perfect for facilitating the leads from the influencer.

Giving the influencer creative control has also proven to make a more successful partnership; with 77% of influencers stating that they are more likely to repeat working with a brand if they have more control over what they are able to create.  You can also boost credibility by cross-posting or even promoting their content.

It is also really important to outline your goals and KPIs with them. If they are familiar with what you want from working with them, they will be able to tailor their content to what you expect from them.

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