Effective influencer tactics during COVID19

July 15, 2021

Over a year of uncertainty, it can be reassuring to learn more about the successes that can come out of such dark times. During 2020/21, with the global pandemic in full swing, and consumers spending more time on devices and social media than ever before, we saw a rise in Influencer Marketing. Studies showed that over 73% of marketers are allocating more resources to influencer marketing this year alone. While many brands put a pause on above-the-line spending, what followed has been something of a coming of age for the influencer marketing category. Improved metrics, codes of practice, and the growing realisation across brands that they need to connect with customers in new and more intimate ways has led to a resurgence in some categories of influencer marketing and a broadening of the range of brands using it.

Some statistics to note:

- In the 16- to 24-year-old demographic, 25% identify that Instagram is the most likely advertising platform that they will purchase from

- 58% of marketers actively considering working with YouTube influencers, followed by 55% on Instagram, 35% on TikTok, 20% on Twitch.

- Global content consumption doubled in 2020 to nearly 7hrs a day

- The number of active social media users rose by 12.3% in 2020

- 33% of 18-34 year old watched an increase in influencer content during the pandemic

So as a brand, how can you use influencers effectively during this time?

Fill the content void:

If you can't shoot your own campaigns due to restrictions, using influencers and content creators is a fantastic way to make high-quality, engaging content that can be used across a multitude of platforms. Many brands are engaging influencers not to post on their own channels, but to create content for the brands to use on their own. This year has seen a growth in trends like TikTok video content, and IGReels that are performing well in reach and engagement.

Create content that feels ‘right’ for a pandemic:
It’s more important now than ever before to create relatable content for an abnormal time. Efforts to create more authentic advertising has well and truly kicked into gear thanks to COVID-19, consumers sought normalcy and brands sought to lean on influencers’ authentic relationships with their audiences to build more brand trust.

Some examples:
- Using influencers for brand-sponsored online challenges to get fit and healthy whilst in lockdown
-Having influencers showcase ‘stay at home’ beauty treatments, ie at home brow lamination tutorials which boomed in Australia during the last 6 months.
-Educational bites & mindful tips to keep the everyday audience engaged with your brand, through using thought leaders that align to your brand message
-At-home cooking lessons & recipe creation proved to be a popular choice for FMCG brands, with many foodie influencers pivoting from posting ‘eating out’ content to ‘created at home’ posts sponsored by leading brands.

Try new channels: 

With TikTok being the second most downloaded app of 2020, it was a perfect opportunity for marketers to engage a new audience (many of whom do not have Instagram) through dynamic and engaging video content. With such a high engagement and time on the platform (over 500minutes per month for users 18-34!) brands were able to partner with TikTok influencers to unlock new content opportunities and acquisition channels. Expect to see more of this in 2021/22.

Tap to shop:
Studies have found that over 130 million users tap on an Instagram Shopping post each month alone! Using influencers to drive traffic directly to brand pages with clear CTAs helped effectively increase conversions in online stores. How can you have your followers go from inspiration to conversion with just a few taps?  We recommend having the following action buttons in place to create the ultimate ease to consumers purchasing your product online:

- Instagram Shop.
- You have your Action Buttons set up such as shoppable links on your posts.
- An active discount code - Consumers are 8x more likely to make a sale.

With it looking like we may be in for further lockdowns in the Australian market, now is the time to increase your influencer and social marketing tactics to ensure for an effective marketing mix. The fantastic news is, you don’t need to be a huge player in the market or have huge budgets for influencer marketing to be successful for your brand.

In these unprecedented times, keeping on top of the trends and taking immediate advantage of the shifts in behaviors of consumers can allow you to not only survive but thrive in these trying times.



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