8 reasons to outsource your influencer marketing in 2023

Finding the right influencer for your business can significantly drain resources if you’re not sure where to look. Outsourcing your influencer marketing in 2023 is an affordable option, and can save precious hours sourcing talent and following up to ensure deliverables are being met. After all, time is money! With Christmas just weeks away, there’s never been a better time to outsource your influencer marketing. We’ve compiled a list of the most compelling reasons to consider partnering with an agency like The Influencers.

1. Starting from scratch is hard work

Reputable agencies will have a dynamic database of social media users that have a niche and an interactive audience.. Most ‘traditional’ agencies have a roster of 20-30 influencers that they represent across different verticals. To try and compile your own database of contact details to rival what you would have access to through their agencies would take months, if not years.  The other option of going outside of agencies  is a tedious journey when you’re individually approaching Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tik Tok users, only to discover they’re already aligned with a different brand, or they want to charge an exorbitant rate for one feed post and a story when you were hoping they’d post in exchange for produc!  This is where The Influencers Agency is different - we don't represent talent, we work with every manager, agency, theright.fit and maintain our own freelance talent database, with established strong relationships with creators across a huge range of fields. Meaning you get the best of all the options out there, without the time and headache! Why opt for doing the hard work when you can outsource your influencer campaign and it can be underway in as little as 2-3 days?

2. Time efficient

Running influencer campaigns can be time-sucking. Many people don’t realise the amount of work that goes into sourcing talent, negotiating rates, outlining campaign objectives, and ensuring the deliverables are met in a timely fashion. Add to that, campaign reporting, and influencer marketing becomes a full-time job in itself. Most digital marketing companies are pressed for time and don’t have the resources to find and brief the talents, let alone follow up for campaign reporting. It’s only when they realise how much work is involved, they understand outsourcing is a credible option. Rest assured, you can get back to taking care of business, while the team at The Influencers finds you the right fit and handles those pesky creator questions.

3. Budget-friendly

Chances are, if you are a creative director for a digital marketing agency, the cost it would take to employ an influencer coordinator far outweighs the cost of outsourcing your advertising campaigns. You can have an influencer campaign for around $5k. Having an influencer coordinator in-house would cost an average of $65,000=$100,000 per annum, not including super. Why carry that overhead cost in these economically uncertain times, and when you’re not sure how often your clients will want to add on influencer marketing campaigns to their strategies with you?

4. Comprehensive strategy

Finding an influencer is one thing, but knowing how to organise content that generates ROI, and what channel they should be using is completely another. A comprehensive strategy that outlines the expectations of what kind of influencers to use (mega or celebrity, mid-tier, micro, nano) to ensure you get a return on your investment is crucial. It includes deliverables, deadlines and payments.

For example; you may be looking for someone who will post in exchange for a product—perhaps one for themselves and one to giveaway to their audience? Alternatively, you may prefer the clout from a celebrity influencer which requires access to your product or service and payment. Which is going to deliver the best outcome for you, your goals, and targets you are looking to achieve? How will you measure success? These are all the finer details that need to take into consideration when determining a successful influencer strategy.

5. Campaign reporting

You can pay social media users to promote your brand or service, but you can’t learn from your data if you fail to analyse the insights. Understanding the metrics and how to utilise this data so your next campaign can be improved on each time  is a crucial part of refining your marketing strategy. Following up can be time-consuming, so this is another area where outsourcing your influencer marketing is hugely beneficial as it’s part of the package. While 93% of marketers are turning to influencer marketing to grow their brand awareness and promote sales, The State of Social Media Benchmark report found 30% of companies don’t measure track their metrics to measure their ROI.

6. Access to multiple influencers

Don’t be confined to using nano influencers (up to 1000 followers) or friends of friends, simply because your inner circle doesn’t extend any further. We have a comprehensive database of influencers categorised into locations, niches, number of followers, interests, and much more. We can even get you access to top Olympians, TV stars, musicians, NRL players, or business experts.  Our team at The Influencers will match you with an influencer that meets your needs and make sure they’re fully briefed. You don’t have to do a thing, except get on with your day.

7. Stay up to date with the ever-changing trends and algorithms

Life is busy enough without having to keep your fingers on the pulse of ever-evolving social media networks. We make it our business to know what is trending and make sure our influencers are aware of the algorithm updates so you’re getting maximum reach and engagement.

8. Provides you with professionally curated content for your newsfeed

Typically when you engage a social media influencer, this will provide you with professional video in the form of short-form videos, stories and static image posts that you will be able to use on your newsfeed. All our influencers are vetted and we select only the ones we know who can perform at the required level. 

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